August 29, 2007

DevReach 2007 is open

DevReach 2007 is now open for registration. Last year DevReach had a huge success, being the first one to gather all international speaker stars in Microsoft community.

Following the example, DevReach 2007 now has 40 sessions in 4 tracks with more than 15 international speakers coming from everywhere in the world.

The key note will be presented by Tim Huckaby, Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California. He will present a surgery application written in WCF. Make sure you do not miss that. I only saw one screenshot but it looked astonishing.
DevReach 2007 will also cover latest betas from Microsoft like SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 and future releases like Rosario – the next version of Visual Studio after VS 2008.

Other topics cover things like building scalable ASP.NET applications, Silverlight, LINQ and more practical sessions about usability and team work.

The event is brought to you by and telerik.

Register now to save 20%.

Meet you there.

August 08, 2007

Fiddler and IE problem under VPN

I just found why Fiddler2 works from time to time on my (not so) new Vista installation. It happened that the problem occurred because of my VPN connection.
Almost 99% of the time I am out of the office I am using VPN connection, because my Communication machine (another story) is located at the office. It never occurred to me that the problem in Fiddler was because of the active VPN connection. And I always blamed IE7.
Well, the problem is still IE7, but today I found the exact reason. It is actually stated in Fiddler documentation. It is first mention at Common problems and then resolution is described at Configuring clients.
The problem lies somewhere in IE. When you have active VPN connection IE takes proxy settings from that VPN connection no matter if you have “Use default gateway on remote network” option turned on or off. In my case it was off. You have to open Settings dialog of your active VPN connection and set proxy value there and Fiddler will work again.

August 05, 2007

VSTS Web Access Released

There are some many things to write about that I can hardly catch up. Don’t the guys at Microsoft take a vacation so we can rest also?

Microsoft released Visual Studio Team System Web Access. This long name is self explanatory. With this long awaited web access to VSTS, you can enjoy working with work items using the web. The product now is fully CSS (Customer Support Services) supported. If you remember Microsoft acquired DevBiz and they immediately provided v1.0 for free to all TFS licensed users. The release that MS is providing now is tested for security and performance and has been dogfooded for couple of months in MS. Here is the list of fixes and new features that has been implemented.

Brian Harry also provided nice screenshots if you want to first check how the product looks like.

August 03, 2007

VS 2008 New Features

ScottGu summarizes the new web designer and web development features in VS 2008. It uses the same HTML designer as MS Expression does and HTML and CSS support is far broadest as never before. The cool thing is that you can use these new designer features on any ASP.NET 2.0 also because of the new multi-targeting support.

If you use ASP.NET AJAX, the new version for .NET Framework 3.5 includes many improvements.

And finally – there is nested master pages support.

Through Galcho’s blog.